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a social enterprise

VANINA is a social enterprise that spontaneously grew out of a common passion between childhood friends Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek. 

It all started with a jewelry line in 2007, and evolved to become a lifestyle label, presenting seasonal collections of jewelry, accessories, and apparel; all proudly handcrafted in Lebanon, and distributed internationally.

rooted in Beirut, since 2007

Beneath their light and playful glamour, the Vanina products hide a passionately engaged activism that aims to promote local community development through the valorization of craftsmanship and environmental awareness.

effortless & generous

With its motto 'never fully dressed without a smile', Vanina celebrates femininity by promoting a lifestyle of effortless yet generous beauty.

It values detailed and experimental craftsmanship, through delicate and bold fashion products inspired by nature and the arts.


'We see fashion as a tool that offers opportunities for social and environmental change. By proposing creative alternatives to the dynamics of the industry, we aim at positively influencing and actively taking part in community development projects, while raising awareness about latent issues of our contemporary society.'

co-founders & designers